Saturday, May 7, 2011


im sitting home alone
everything gonna be changed
a day pass by day's
one to another one
its flow fast and slow

im telling my heart
quietly and slow
elegies of my heart and soul
there's something differ

i keep dreaming of time
dreaming the best moments together
our dreams for the future
our hope's in the middle

im sitting here again
passing through time
paint the colour of my heart
a pain here and there

i feel a wave of sadness
i feel a tought of painfull
i feel a touch of hurts
i feel the devils of heart
its crash
its crash upon the shores of my heart

it just a lie
from the start to the end
hardly broken with lots of pain
crazies damn thing on my brain

full of angers andfull of fears
escaping from the minds games
rushes for the heart beat
it began the emptiness

there a thousands teardrops here
cross the distance of life
once its going to dry
welcome abroad a wild

you stole my happiness
you stole my dreams
you stole peaceful mind
you stole everything of mine

i believe in every words you says
you lie from morning till night
i experience it's
that all you were do it

i feel like im invisible
there's no more me yet
lets just became a figment
be the end in imagination

Astana Bukit Angkasa