Tuesday, September 7, 2010

my frens story..

today my frends tell me a story..i just smile while im hearing the story...its all about past..i dont want to remember all that things so im just smile all the time...she so  angry with one women who's always angry at me..because my old blog pic she's become like a satan n be old pic doesnt mean anything 2 i said 2 my frends its all i keep in my deep heart..i tell her again i wanna start a new life..i love start a new life..n then she smile 2 me n start talking..."i will protect u dear whatever happen...we will be frends 4 ever till dead...i be your back.."..thanks my dear frends coz always be my side witout choose any situations...i love u 2 dear..thanks coz u are the best frends i ever had...